Do You Wear Pants or Shorts to Golf?

Do You Wear Pants or Shorts to Golf?

 “Do you wear pants or shorts to golf?” is the only question everybody's been asking recently and today’s article encompasses every answer related to it. Hop in! 

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Do You Wear Pants or Shorts to Golf?

Do you wear pants or shorts to golf? - The question has become the talk of the town since professional golfers like Jordan Spieth and Tiger Woods have expressed their wish to wear shorts on a golf course.

But at the same time, golfers are seen wearing shorts while playing! Today’s exclusive guide addresses everything related to the subject topic.

Let’s jump in!


Moosehill Golfing Pants and Shorts

What do Professional Golfers Wear? The Dress Code!

Ever wondered why professional golfers don’t wear shorts? Definitely, because of the rule!

PGA golfers follow a specific dress code policy that doesn’t allow them the luxury of wearing golf shorts at professional events.

Typically, a professional golfer should wear a collared shirt, trousers, golf shoes, socks and a hat.

However, many PGA golfers have shown their desire to wear golf shorts. Tiger Woods would love to see PGA tours allow shorts. Here’s what he says;

"It would be nice to wear shorts. Even with my little chicken legs, I still would like to wear shorts." -- Source:

Considering that, a little relaxation was given by the PGA to wear shorts during Pro-Am and practice rounds.

When to Wear Pants to Golf?

Normally, it’s a matter of choice but choosing your golf wear wisely helps you in many ways. If you’re off to a championship or professional event, I recommend you to wear pants because you don’t wanna find yourself the only person wearing shorts.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, a dress code policy is followed in such events. Respect that!

Additionally, if you’re playing in cold weather, you need to keep yourself warm and comfy.

Speaking of comfort, you may have other plans after finishing a round of golf and don’t have enough time to flip your outfit. Your golf pants have got you back as your casual trousers.

1. Our Top Ranked Golf Pants: MOOSEHill Golf Pants
Looking for premium quality golf pants? Why bother when I’ve come up with MOOSEHill Golf Pants?

These lightweight and breathable pants come in multiple shades, delivering comfort and style at the same time.

To allow maximum convenience, the pants feature 5 deep pockets and an expandable waistband.

Moreover, versatility is added to these pants through exquisite sewing, resulting in a perfect tailored fit.

· Premium Quality
· Multiple Colors
· Lightweight & Breathable Material
· 5-Pocket Design
· Tailored Fit

· Not suitable for extremely hot weather



2. Runner Up: BONOBOS Performance Link Golf Pants

BONONOS golf pants are a classic choice for golfers who value aesthetics and are willing to spend some extra dollars on them.

Made with 100% recycled polyester, these all-season pants are fit for all climates. The fabric provides moisture vapor transmission and keeps you dry all day.

In addition to multiple colors, the pants come in various fits, allowing you to choose according to your body type.To add to the style, a BONOBOS log is added to the back pocket of the pants.

The only thing stopping you from buying these pants is the price, which is higher than the MOOSEHill Golf Pants however, they’re good value for money.

· 100% recycled polyester
· Fit for it all seasons
· Vapor transmission feature
· Multiple color options
· Various fits

· Expansive price

3. Special Mention: Callaway Men’s Sorona 5-Pocket Pants
Want to elevate your golf attire? Calaway Men’s Sorona 5-Pocket Pants have got your back! Aimed to provide all-day flexibility and comfort, the golf pants are made with 78% polyester and 22% Sorona fabric.

The fabric not only keeps you cool but also adds to your style with a textured finish.

To ensure utility, the pants feature five innovative pockets that take care of your accessory while you focus on your game.

The pants only come in asphalt and black color which is a bummer for those who prefer light colors. Other than that, it’s a good product for a reasonable price.

· Elastic polyester & Sorona fabric
· 5-Innovative pockets
· Stylish look
· Lightweight & comfortable

· Limited color choice

When to Wear Shorts to Golf?

Planning a friendly round with buddies or going for practice sessions to strengthen your skills? Wear golf shorts! You’ll be at ease.

The flexibility they allow while playing counts a lot. Not just this, they also keep you fresh and ventilated.

If you’re on a golf course, on a sunny day, the last thing you want are your sweaty pants.

Golf shorts may give you tan but they’ll save your day!

Moreover, wearing golf shorts to a casual event can make you look relaxed and confident.

1. Our Top Ranked Golf Shorts: MOOSEHill Golf Shorts

If you want exactly what MOOSEHill pants offer but not the pants themselves, go for MOOSEHill Golf Shorts!

Made with a lightweight wrinkle-resistant fabric, these golf shorts maintain the perfect balance of functionality and style.

With a 7-inch inseam, these shorts allow greater mobility during powerful drivers. Those who prefer extra coverage can also opt for a 10-inch inseam.

For extra convenience, there are 4-deep pockets allowing you to keep your valuables and golf accessories.

To provide a customizable experience, the shorts feature a hidden elastic waistband, belt loop, and zipper closure.

Not just this, they also have ball TEE holes just below the right belt.

· Premium Quality
· Multiple Colors
· Lightweight & Breathable Material
· 4-Pocket Design
· 7-inch & 10-inch inseam
· Customizable waistband, belt loop & zipper

· Not suitable for extreme cold weather


2. Runner UP: BONOBOS Performance Link Shorts

If you prefer the comfort of shorts over pants, BONOBOS Performance Link Shorts are the right choice for you.

Crafted with the dedication to delivering quality and maximum features, these shorts are made with 100% Polyester for a relaxed fit.

In addition to the short inseam of the shorts, the fabric also helps in keeping you dry on the course.

The pants feature 2 deep pockets and 2 zipper pockets giving storage and security at the same time.

You can choose between different colors and fits as per your style.

In terms of price, they cost almost the same as some luxury brands which might be a deal breaker for you.

Overall, they’re a good pair of shorts.

· 100% recycled polyester
· Fit for it all seasons
· Vapor transmission feature
· Multiple color options
· Various fits

· Expansive price

3. Special Mention: Callaway Men Pro Spin 3.0 Shorts
Callaway Men Pro Shorts are the perfect choice for golfers who spend most of their time on the course.

The shorts are made with Dupont Sorona fabric to give flexibility and comfort at the same time.

Furthermore, the shorts feature Opti-Dri moisture-wicking technology to keep you cool as your game heats up.

The active waistband on these shorts keeps your shirt tucked in and the deep pockets keep your accessory safe allowing you to focus completely on your game.

The shorts come in two inseam lengths and four colors so you can style them according to your personality.

· Flexible Dupont Sorona fabric
· 4 deep pockets
· Active waistband
· Comes in 2 inseam lengths
· Opti-Dri technology

· Limited color choice

Ideal Ways to Style Your Golf Pants & Golf Shorts: Pro Tips!

Moosehill Golfing Apparel


The choice of your golf attire depends on your taste but to level up your presentation game, you’ve got to tee up in style!

I can talk for hours in this but to make it swallowable for you, I’ve summarized the whole thing in 5 pro tips.

1. Pick The Right Fabric
Every golfer has a unique body and choosing the right fabric accordingly is the basic step towards the stylish approach.

The ideal way is to look for a lightweight fabric like nylon or cotton.

It not only adds personality to your outfit but also keeps you cool and relaxed.

2. Wear Collared Shirts
A collar is a symbol of elegance and a golf should look elegant!

That’s why it’s the most popular choice among golfers. Always prefer a polo shirt over a crew-neck shirt to stay in style.

3. The Bottoms Count!
Your bottoms almost decide the trajectory of your attire and that’s exactly why they count!

You can go for both pants and shorts depending on the demand of the event; however, make sure to consider the weather conditions for comfort.

4. Wear Golf Shoes
A pair of nice golf shoes is a sage investment when it comes to style.

Not just this, they also provide you with ultimate comfort and traction while playing golf.

Moosehill Golfing Shoes

5. Play With Colors
The Colors play an important role in your overall look and I recommend you to try different pallets for a versatile appearance.

If you want to look vibrant, your colors are orange, yellow, blue, purple, and green.

For ultimate sophistication, try neutral shades like white, beige, khaki, navy and black.

Final Thoughts: Do You Wear Pants or Shorts to Golf?

Wearing pants or shorts is entirely a matter of personal choice. Many golfers prefer pants while others go for shorts.

However, In certain conditions, as I discussed in this article, you may need to abide by a dress code.

If you keep both at your disposal, I’ve also explained when to wear which out of them.

Furthermore, the pro tips for styling your golf attire can also come in handy at special events.

Wanna share what you wear to golf? hop into the comment section!

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