How Do I Choose A Golf Outfit?

How Do I Choose A Golf Outfit?

The question that comes before setting foot on a golf course is “How do I choose a golf outfit?” Today's guide has all the answers. Hop in!  

How Do I Choose A Golf Outfit?

The question that comes before setting foot on a golf course is “How do I choose a golf outfit?” Today's guide has all the answers. Hop in!  


Golf doesn’t have a uniform that allows you to dress per your choice. 

However, there is a dress code to follow! This brings us to our question “How do I choose a golf outfit?”

Buckle up! because today’s comprehensive guide will encompass everything on the subject matter.

Let’s dive into it!  


Factors Influencing Your Golf Wear Choices

Choosing the right golf outfit can be tricky in a world full of options but considering the following factors may reduce your burden. 

1. What’s the Occasion?
The occasion is relevant! The outfit you’ll put on depends on whether you’re attending a professional event or just a friendly round with buddies.

You can’t wear golf shorts at most events and may be asked to wear specific trousers and polos. 

In addition, the golf course also matters because most of them will ask you to follow their dress code.  

Furthermore, the occasion also directs your color choices for your golf outfit. 

2. Weather 
Weather plays an important role in deciding your golf outfit because you don’t want it to sabotage your performance!

Wearing breathable fabrics, and sticking to polos and shorts during summer will keep you cool.

For winter, layering is the best way to keep yourself from the harshness of weather. 

3. Your Body Type
Not every outfit is made for you! 

The outfit that looks good depends on whether you’re smart, athletic, skinny, or healthy.
Knowing your body type and choosing accordingly will save you tons of hassle. 

How Do I Choose A Golf Outfit?

As discussed earlier, there's a dress code to be followed. Once satisfied, you can always add your touch to your outfit. 

1. Tops
When it comes to tops, polos are king!
They’re an ultimate mix of sophistication and comfort, the reason they’re popular in golf culture.

You can go for both plain or texture polos however make sure it has a proper English collar.  

For winters, layer up with full-sleeved sweaters or add a windbreaker if needed.  

2. Bottoms
While choosing your bottoms you’ll have limited options! 

Normally, the default choice is golf trousers but if you want something other than that, go for golf shorts.

Especially in extreme summer, shorts will save you from sweat.  

Avoid wearing jeans and stick with traditional wear like cotton, chinos, and corduroy.   

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3. Shoes
While you’re on the golf course, you don’t want any trouble because of your shoes. 

That’s where golf shoes come in! 

Typically, golfers wear spiked shoes but I’ll recommend you avoid shoes with steel spikes as they’re only allowed in PGA tours. 

Choose rubber spikes or go for spineless golf shoes. 

4. Accessories
Accessories like hats, golf gloves, and sunshades lift your dress game and may save your day as well. 

Almost every golf course allows wearing baseball caps, and visors.

You can also rock cowboy hats but they’re less popular these days. 

How to Style Your Golf Attire: Tips to Ace Your Look! 

No matter what you wear, to level up your appearance, you need to style your outfit!

To cut it short I've summed up the whole thing in 3 pro tips.  

1. Wear the Right Fit
Wearing the right fit solves half of your outfit problem!

Avoid both baggy and fitted outfits. Instead, go for a relaxed fit for a balanced and confident look. 

2. Choose Neutral Colors
The Colors play an important role in your overall look and I recommend you to try different pallets for a versatile appearance. 

For ultimate sophistication, try neutral shades like white, beige, khaki, navy and black.

3. Keep it Neat & Clean! 
Elegance is everything in golf and it can be achieved by keeping your outfit neat, clean, and presentable. 

Take extra care of lighter shades like khakis, ash gray, and white as they are prone to stains.

If you find it a demanding task, opt for darker shades like navy, black, and dark green.

Final Thoughts: How Do I Choose A Golf Outfit?

Now that you’ve come this far, I can safely say you know how to choose a golf outfit!  

I’ve laid down everything including the Dos and Don’ts of golf wear and how to style it for a timeless presence on the course. 

Additionally, I’ve also saved you the hassle by discussing where you can buy the best golf pants and shorts for great value. 

Want to discuss more? Hop into the comment box! 

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